MakangaFactors Influencing the Performance of Youth Owned Small Businesses Initiatives-17

6 inequality, lack information and information. Allila & Mitullah, 2000) posit that street vendors lack funds and they are unable to raise enough money to sustain their businesses because they are unlicensed and therefore they work on temporary locations thus lacking proper security and unable to secure loans. Studies that were done elsewhere focus on specific objectives have identified the factors influencing performance of small businesses in those areas however there is no specific study focus on youth owned small businesses in Mathare informal settlement (MIS). Literature shows that there is little information on factors on factors influencing the performance of youth owned small business initiatives MIS in Nairobi county. This study therefore sought to fill the knowledge gap by exploring how individual attributes and that of the business socio ecological environment influence the performance of youth owned small businesses in Mathare informal settlement, Nairobi County, Kenya. 1.3 Objectives of the Study 1.3.1. General Objective of the Study. The major objective of this study was to determine factors influencing the performance of youth owned small businesses initiatives: case of Mathare informal settlement, Nairobi county, Kenya 1.3.2. Specific Objectives i. To assess the influence of individual/personal attributes on the performance of youth owned businesses initiatives. ii. To establish the influence of business socio ecological environments on the performance and of youth owned business. iii. To explore main obstacles/bottleneck to success for youth owned in small businesses. 1.4. Research Questions i. To what extent do individual/personal attributes influence performance of youth own small business initiatives?
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