PHL320T Week1 Discussion..

This week, our focus turns to the credibility of information used in decision making. In order to make the most correct conclusion, decisions must be based on facts - not emotions, feelings, or suppositions. Yet, it happens all the time. This creates issues at both a personal level and in business. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Thinking about your workplace or work related experiences... have you encountered a decision that was NOT based on facts... but maybe feelings or emotions? Describe this situation to us a little... then share how the situation was rectified or addressed - if it was . How do you ensure that you're making decisions based on facts and not emotions or feelings? Bear in mind... Feelings are NOT facts. I have a perfect example of how a decision at work was made based in feelings / emotions rather than facts. My supervisor had us on a schedule of m-th 7:45am -5:30 pm- fri 8am- 1pm. This although staying after 5pm was a drab , the short Friday's made up for it because we would have to use less PTO or none for doctors appointments scheduled on Fridays and we could handle any other errands that we typically wouldn't be able to find the time for. Well during COVID we were seeing fewer patients a day but we also had half the office furloughed so we were already exhausted by the end of the day but it was okay because Fridays were the highlight. Our supervised got the bright idea to have a full day Fridays and get off at 5 through the week. Her proposal was that "I know you all are tired of leaving at 5:30 everyday." When in fact , no one had been complaining. Come to find out it was because she lived in a different city than where we worked and she was tired of getting home so late as she still had to go look after her elderly
parents. As a matter of fact it had us staying over to five thirty everyday still because we didn't have the man power to see the same patient load and be finished 30 minutes early because the schedule had not been adjusted. We ended up having to have a meeting and it was communicated that the schedule change was not the best idea of it wouldn't be accommodated with a restructuring of the daily patient schedule. It was never mentioned that or asked would we like the schedule changed back. To the way it was. We realized very quickly that the change was not made with consideration of us at all. I am able to justify credibility and results and true facts. If you just go off of what people say no matter what status they have sometimes they could be biased with decision making.
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