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Nov 10, 2023
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Course Title: Neuroethics: Ethical Implications of Neuroscience and Emerging Technologies Instructor: [Your Name] Office Hours: [Specify office hours and location] Course Description: This course explores the ethical considerations arising from advances in neuroscience and related technologies. Students will examine the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy, and ethics, addressing questions about the implications of understanding and manipulating the brain. Topics include neuroscientific research ethics, cognitive enhancement, brain- machine interfaces, and the ethical challenges posed by emerging technologies. Prerequisites: Introduction to Ethics or Bioethics Introduction to Neuroscience (recommended) Textbook: "Neuroethics: An Introduction with Readings" by Martha J. Farah
Course Objectives: By the end of the course, students should be able to: Understand the key concepts and theories in neuroethics. Evaluate the ethical implications of neuroscientific research and interventions. Analyze the societal impact of emerging neurotechnologies. Discuss the ethical challenges of cognitive enhancement and brain manipulation. Engage in critical discussions on the moral responsibilities of neuroscientists and society. Formulate and present ethical arguments related to neuroscientific issues. Assessment: Class Participation (15%): Active engagement in class discussions and activities. Reading Responses (20%): Short written responses to assigned readings. Midterm Exam (25%): Assessment of understanding and critical analysis. Group Project (15%): Collaborative project on a contemporary neuroethics issue. Final Paper (20%): Individual research paper on a neuroethics topic of choice. Presentation (5%): Presenting the final paper to the class. Class Schedule:
Week 1-2: Introduction to Neuroethics Definition and scope of neuroethics Historical development and key ethical theories Week 3-4: Ethical Issues in Neuroscience Research Informed consent and research ethics Animal experimentation and ethical considerations Week 5-6: Cognitive Enhancement and Neuropharmacology Ethical considerations in cognitive enhancement Neuroethical implications of psychopharmacology Week 7-8: Brain-Machine Interfaces and Neuroengineering Ethical challenges in brain-machine interface research Neuroethical considerations in neuroengineering Week 9-10: Personal Identity and the Brain Neuroethical questions about personal identity Ethical issues related to memory manipulation Week 11-12: Future Trends and Societal Impact Ethical considerations in neuroinformatics and big data
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