Modern Project Management

1 Amani Mundluri Fundamentals of Project Mgt.-7B6 5 th November 2023 Modern Project Management - Case Study 1 How effectively did Troi spend her day? Explain. Troi spent her day listening to everyone, solving conflicts, reviewing the reports once again, and some part of it planning for the day activities. Troi appears to have managed her day quite effectively, considering the dynamic nature of her role as a project manager. She began her day by addressing urgent messages and tasks, prioritizing her schedule, and maintaining communication with her team and clients. Troi demonstrated adaptability and problem-solving skills when dealing with unexpected issues, such as client requests beyond the project scope and a communication breakdown with the marketing team. Her ability to collaborate with colleagues and maintain open communication lines indicates strong leadership qualities. What does the case tell you about what it is like to be a project manager? What did you expect Troi to do during her day and what surprised you about Troi's day? From the case, we can deduce that being a project manager entails juggling various responsibilities, including communication, problem-solving, adaptability, and relationship- building. Troi's day involved attending meetings, addressing client and team concerns, managing project schedules, and staying informed about project status. Project managers need to be prepared to handle unexpected challenges, such as scope changes and communication breakdowns (Englund & Bucero, 2019). What surprised me about Troi's day was her willingness to engage in conversations seemingly unrelated to the project, such as her talk with Neil and lunch with Eddie. However, these interactions can serve as valuable opportunities for
2 relationship-building and staying informed about internal company dynamics, which are crucial in a leadership role.
3 References Englund, R., & Bucero, A. (2019). The complete project manager: Integrating people, organizational, and technical skills. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.
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