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Dear HR: Can you explain to me what the HR department does? Good morning, The HR department is responsible for a variety of functions here at ABC Company that foster culture through employee engagement and community relations. The HR department could be broken down into a few main categories that cover all the business needs: Employee Engagement, Community relations, Training & Development, Health, Safety & Needs of associates, and regulatory compliance. Employee Engagement & Culture: We strive to build an employee focused culture. We put the experience of our associates first, so our leaders are given the tools and autonomy to always put the needs of the employees first. In doing so we create employee loyalty and retain quality talent that will push us to be successful as a company. We also make it a goal to ensure that our employees feel apricated and have a voice in the decisions that affect them. Being our culture is so employee focused we do require a high level of professionalism from our employees. Community Relations: Being active in the community gives us an opportunity to impact the community in a way that fosters positive relationships, attracts new business relationships and top-quality talents. Training & Development: In addition to ensuring that all of our staff is properly prepared with the necessary tools to be successful in their roles, we also make it our business to invest into the continued development of our teams by providing industry leading training that will enhance soft skills as well as leadership development skills. Our goal is to always promote internally, which happens through internal growth. Health & Safety of Employees : Here at ABC Company our top priority is Employee health and safety. We try to create an environment that is geared towards a safety-first mind set. We have monthly safety challenges that help trigger those KPI's of safety and keep the demand of safety fresh and real for all of our staff. Each month we acknowledge one member of our staff that embodies our safety culture and rewards them with an item of their choosing from Amazon valued at $200. We also make it a point to incentivize our associates who participate and take ownership of their own personal health. We have monthly health challenges that encourage our employees to do so. One of our monthly challenges is our step contest. The top three contestants each receive an additional .5 day of PTO. We offer a monthly Gym membership reimbursement for all our associates that pay up to 75% of the cost based upon their number of days used each month. I hope that you take advantage of some of these exciting activities. I'm currently at 8327 steps this month! Regulatory Compliance: At the basis of all business there are laws and regulations that must be followed. We like to ensure that all of our associates are treated fairly and equally. We do this by ensuring that we are following the state and companies' policies. I hope that this synopsis gives you insight into how we are here to support you. Please reach out anytime you need assistance. Thanks, HR
Dear HR: Lately morale feels low and everyone seems so negative. Is there anything HR can do to help improve the company culture around here? Good afternoon, I am glad to know that you are thinking about the company's morale. It shows that we have made wise decisions in choosing associates that care about our long-term success. Currently we are working on launching three initiatives that will not only boost morale but also promote growth amounts our teams. Development Day: We plan on having a monthly development day. Each month we will alternate the shift its hosted on to ensure convenience for all employees that are not able to come back on an off day. At the beginning of each month, we will have a list of 5 different topics that all associates will have a chance to enroll in. They will cover key development points and will also promote collaboration and team building. Team Building Exercises: Each week all team leaders will be required to set aside 1 hour from production time to indulge in any activity of the teams choosing. For example, UNO, Cornhole, Connect 4, or JUST simply talking as a team. Employee Appreciation Lunch: We will begin having a monthly employee appreciation lunch for all employees. Each month we will use a different vendor from the community. This month we are having Zaxby's. There will be three options to ensure that we accommodate all dietary needs. We have passed this down through our leadership chain. You should be seeing flyers posted and receiving information passed down through your team leads and managers today and over the next few days. Always remember you are a part of what makes ABC Company great, and we appreciate the efforts you make! Thanks, HR
Dear HR: How can HR help me with planning my career? Good morning, The HR department is here to assist with Career planning and leadership development. As you know we believe in promoting internally and make all efforts to develop the talent we already possess to ensure we have the best potential candidate when opportunities arise. We recently launched a development day program that covers a wide variety of leadership topics. In addition to promoting collaboration within our teams, this was designed to target key soft skills that one must possess to be a leader. We encourage you to review the itinerary each month and take advantage of those training courses. We do use this as a gauge to identify those who possess the desire to grow within our company. This month we have classes that specifically focus on career advancement. Here is a list of this month's classes. Please advise if there are any that interest you. I can go ahead and get you signed up for the class of your choosing: Effective Interviewing Resume Building The Importance of Criticism Chief Amongst Indians Leading From the Front How To Become a Leader Before the Title We also, have a management trainee program that we offer semiannually for associates who have voiced a desire for growth, and show substantial efforts to embody our core values "Hungry, Humble, Smart." The job bid for the round of candite interviews is scheduled for January. Over the next five months I highly encourage you to speak with your leadership team about cross training and taking advantage of these monthly classes. If you would like to speak more about career planning, please stop by our office during our dedicated hours Tuesday and Thursdays 10am - 3pm. I would be happy to help you develop a plan geared towards your success. Best Regards, HR
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