Gm505 diss 5

In my organization a lot of what Stringer and Ortiz Aragón emphasize is that each employee should be responsible for ensuring that their jobs and activities are carried out in a way that will improve others' feelings. This would include an employee's self-worth(pride), self-determination, independence, and competence feelings, identity, control, responsibility, unity, location, and place and location (Stringer & Ortiz Aragon, 2021, pp. 204-207). With each one of these characteristics, a person wants to feel comfortable enough to be heard and to feel like they can have some type of control in the decision making at that organization. This would also create unity between workers. Every person present should have the chance to talk about their jobs and activities so that everyone can explain what they will accomplish and how they will do it. Certain conditions that would make implementing quality checks possible would be to assure all employees are on the same page in the outcome. Successful collaboration brings on a positive, encouraging, and motivating atmosphere that is both personally and practically helpful and is established through the participation and inclusion of all participants in action research. This will also help with better decision making. A potential obstacle could be the length of time it takes to complete these tasks. Also, the lack of communication between employees could also play a factor in these measures. This could happen to team members not being on the same channel. To keep this from occurring, one would want to keep everything fair across the board. This would alleviate turmoil and misconception between all.
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