Disscusion 3

Hello Julia, Your viewpoint on the hawthorn effect's influence on Maslow's hierarchy of needs was exciting. The underlying premise tends to fall back on motivation. This trait is what drives people to perform. There is a hint of inspiration in everything people do. Explanation helps people perform at a higher level. People perform at maximum capacity when they do things they feel benefit them. When people are motivated, the best possible outcomes occur. Motivation stimulates a person to learn more. (Management Concepts,2021). The person will perform to get it. Many people have explored motivational theories over the years. There are many levels of motivation. These different levels bring about different kinds of outcomes. The Hawthorne effect and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs are often visited to examine reason. The Hawthorne effect has been criticized for not being valid. People change the way they act because they are under observation. These findings will not work in a natural setting. The workers under observation knew about the experiments. Therefore, they may have improved their performance only for the experiments (Management Concepts,2021). Management Concepts. (2021). Compare and Contrast Maslow's Theory of Needs with Vroom's Expectancy Theory. https://www.mbaknol.com/
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