CJUS pt 40.9

1 To first start this process, the textbook provided a basic definition of human capital saying it "refers to the collective value of the competencies, knowledge, and skills of the employees in the organization" (Valentine, 2020). This depicts the success of the company, a crucial job to further create a competitive advantage for the organization. The way I would plan for the first meeting would be to gather as much information about these new facilities. The textbook noted that it's crucial for "managers to understand financial and operational measures" through key performance indicators (Valentine, 2020). This is such an important indicator to be aware of when developing a plan for acquiring human capital needed. Throughout my research, I found a scholarly article by author Bendickson and this helped me to gain better insight into approaching how to effectively source human capital. Author Bendickson said "we find that, rather than acquiring human capital in a balanced fashion, organizations benefit from emphasizing either internal or external sourcing" (Bendickson, 2023). Based on this study, I will lead my team in a strictly external search for new capital to provide further benefit. The main questions I would need answered would be in regards to finance. Furthermore, the second part to this question will be how much money do we have to spend on new human capital. Lastly, I would need to know the number of employees needed for these locations. A good starting point would be collaboration with others in HR as well as bringing in finance representatives. Based on my research, author Alzahmi noted that
2 "organizations must not only attract and retain a skilled workforce to fulfill strategic goals, but also continue investing in them through education, training, and opportunities for continued growth" (Alzahmi, 2021). Thinking ahead by reinvesting into our employees is crucial for the success of this process. Starting with the end in mind is a great way to attract and retain our skilled workers. Throughout this process it is important to keep biblical integration at the forefront of your mind. The process of acquiring human capital can be a difficult process and will need a lot of wisdom. The Bible tells us in James 1:5 saying "if any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you" (English Standard Bible, 2001). This is a great reminder to us because we should be asking for wisdom daily. No matter what situation we are in, whether developing the process to gain new capital or in our daily walk, we need wisdom.
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