1 — Strategic Management LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Summarize the strategic management process. In the strategic management cycle, which step comes before measuring performance? Report an issue with this question a.) Develop objectives b.) Team building c.) Vision and mission d.) Implementing strategies SUBMIT MY ANSWER Sophia PDF Version Strategic Management In this lesson, you will learn to explain the strategic management process. Specifically, this lesson will cover: 1. The Strategic Management Process Terms to Know 1. The Strategic Management Process In the previous lesson, we focused on analyzing and understanding a firm's WHAT'S COVERED Well done! You have completed this Challenge. EXIT THE CHALLENGE 1 2 3 4 5 6 UNIT 1 — CHALLENGE 1.4: The Strategic Management Process 5/6
competitive environment. In this lesson, we see how the information strategic analysis provides gets put to work. The strategic management process is the set of activities that firm managers undertake in order to try to put their firms in the best possible position to compete successfully in the marketplace. Strategic
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