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BUS 230
Nov 7, 2023
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Here's this week's opportunity to earn credit toward your three substantive posts! Remember, GCU requires three posts total, with at least one post on three separate days. What basic managerial typologies are used to describe police administrators in their approach to resolving interpersonal and intergroup conflict? How would you personally approach these kinds of conflicts? Hello Professor, Police administrators like to use the phrase May I have your undivided attention. They love to use Active Listening to settle conflict. This method clears the psyche and lets the officers give the captain their full attention. People in police management believe telling people what should be done will end conflict. They act as advisors in stopping conflicts. When it comes to ending conflict between others, sometimes it is hard to manage conflict with police because many are Alpha males or females, and it can be hard to curtail. Despite this, leadership is incumbent to recognize and end contention in the workplace. Even if these people are police, it is hard to deal with troublesome people. Management can use meetings to help solve conflicts. They can use Negotiation to find a happy medium with people in conflict with each other. Police management must pull together to help keep the community pulled together. The Indeed Staff. (2023 January 26). 5 Examples of Conflict in the Workplace. https://au.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/examples-of-conflict-in-the- workplace
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