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Nov 7, 2023
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1 Boldly Go: Character Drives leadership at Providence Healthcare Case Study Phillip Harris Leadership and Professional Issues DHA 803 B
2 Main Problem: • Josie Walsh's approach is a diverse one, with the core principles that motivate Providence Healthcare. There is a need to take more action to keep the Providence Healthcare progressive shift. How will Walsh successfully manage change at providence Health? • The owners and collaborators were the core representatives of Provinces, but Walsh had to be immersed in organizations and among key stakeholders because of its cooperation and incorporation. How will Walsh sustain value-based leadership at Providence? The Solution to the main problem: Walsh is CEO of the tornado health treatment provider Providence. Walsh is renowned for its excellent principles, leadership, forecasting, and organizational change. With the advent of the financial crisis in 2008, Providence faced severe challenges; many pilots could not handle patients' flows. A focus is on implementing updated principles and integrating more partners' cooperation with processes in this section of the organization's operations. Walsh should hold more frequent brainstorming sessions; the first Solution to encourage more cooperation and collaboration. Leadership should call for particular structural challenges and generate new concepts and solutions as a focal topic of debate. From the Walsh position, she will promote more of these opportunities in combination with seminars and community leadership sessions to coordinate the participants. Communication is a crucial factor for any organization's success. But there should be consistency in the regulated reforms. Culture also plays a crucial role in managing change in the organization. Further training and development of a plan for implementing and configuring critical importance will create more sustainable partners and shareholders' cooperation. The Walsh
3 should arrange or develop a new strategic strategy to monitor the influx of medical cash before a patient comes to rehabilitation. Both procedures are prepared, and recovery accommodation is available. As the first step in the pilot test, both tactics and methods are 70% likely to fail. All lose control and constructive thoughts at this stage, but working diligently on the same side helps to thrive. Walsh should make fewer first moves and focus on improvement policies continuingly. They should, by strengthening criteria, move for quality health treatment for future adoption. They can use emerging technologies to update the employees by seminars and automated training tools to train new skills. Encouragement and the people behind making the job ever more passionate and optimistic. Providence is one of the leading elderly demographic and people with complex health cases in recovery. It should be up to date and on the improvement road. Recommended Solution: Walsh is one of the pioneers of critical leadership principles, developing and promoting the latest tactics adaption. The challenge they face is a cooperation between the collaborators and the owners. Communication is a crucial factor for managing organizational change. Also, I strongly suggest that lectures, training, and conferences to understand better and done in a less expensive and more suitable form. The easiest way to brainstorm new ideas is to hold more frequent meetings with senior members, collaborators, and shareholders. On the other hand, to grow Providence healthcare, more sustainable steps are needed for the future. Walsh should concentrate more on improving the procedures for the workers and on the use of ERP systems. I favor more automated solutions, including updating the infrastructure to
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