CJUS pt 43

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Nov 7, 2023
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1 My plan for the first meeting will include the factors we need to consider as we prepare for the expansion and the addition of new facilities in the four strategic locations. I could detail some questions we should go over in the first discussion to understand how this plan will succeed. The examples of questions that I would ask include: 1. What target market information must we research before expanding into the new locations? 2. Who will be the vendors and partners as the business expands into new areas? 3. What financing options does the business have to set up the new facilities? 4. What hiring strategies will be used to populate the new facilities with human capital? 5. How will the business face competitors while moving to new locations (Farida & Setiawan, 2022)? 6. Which of Ansoff's expansion strategies should be used in setting up the new strategic locations? Should the business use market penetration, product development, or diversification expansion strategies (Clarissia, 2020)? 7. What problem will the business solve when expanding into the four new locations? 8. Does the business have the capability to expand its operations into new areas? 9. What will be the impact of the expansion activities on the customers and their satisfaction?
2 Additionally, focusing on the human capital needed to successfully set up the new facilities is crucial to reduce employee burnout and the dissatisfaction of customers with the services or products offered. Effective human capital distribution leads to increased productivity and, thus, profitability (Aman-Ullah et al., 2022). Some critical questions to focus on human capital include: 1. How many people will the new facilities require to be fully operational? 2. What will be the cost of hiring and training the people to run the new facilities? 3. Will the business deploy some of the employees at the headquarters to the new facilities or hire new employees? 4. What motivation strategies will the business use to retain its employees in the new facilities and attract new people? Moreover, I would integrate the Biblical worldview into the expansion venture by the company through observing the law of sowing and reaping by investing heavily on the venture to promote chances of success ( King James Bible ,2023,1 Corinthians 9:6). Similarly, I could advise that the business utilize the faithful stewards who have proved to be successful in their activities in the company to be deployed into the new location ( King James Bible ,2023, Matthew 25). Therefore, employees from the headquarters would help the business to develop the new locations.
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