Typical Format of Organisational strategy report 2023

Introduction : this should include some background information on the British Airways based on the strategic report read and the market where they operate. The purpose of the report. You may wish to include details such as the type of business, size, how long it has been trading, etc. Students should also give a brief account here of the research process (focusing primarily on the Secondary data collection). Findings : This should include a detailed explanation of the questions with facts, figures, charts, and findings from verifiable sources. Here the results of the research need to be presented. This should include the research findings related to the addressed questions: Question 1: Analyse the key challenges facing the British Airways in the external environment in the UK by using an appropriate macro environmental framework? Justify your choice with due consideration for the framework's limitations and thus the reliability of the analysis. Question 2: Critically discuss the internal business situation, resources, and competencies of the British Airways in the UK? Justify which of the resources/capabilities are strategic/distinctive for a sustainable competitive advantage if any? Question 3: Critically evaluate the competitive situation of the British Airways in the UK and International market? Question 4: What strategic direction (market penetration or retrenchment or new market development or new product and services or diversification) and methods (organic diversification or merger/acquisition or alliance) that the British Airways should pursue for the future growth in the UK? Justify how the recommended strategy is the best and could be implemented within the next 5 years. *Students are also expected to consistently support their work with reference to appropriate sources (cited in accordance with the Harvard referencing convention). Conclusion : this should follow logically on from the findings and provide a concise summary of them. No new information should be presented here. Recommendations : here students should present at least one h 654proposals/implications of potential strategies that can be
pursued by British Airways to ensure market share growth and sustainable competitive advantage based on the findings frfour questions and their knowledge of the module. References : you should be discerning about your sources of information and ensure that all references conform to the Harvard convention.
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