Graduate Org Mgmt and Ld- Self Evaluation Week 4

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Nov 7, 2023
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Kai Thng 4-8-2023 Week 4 Self Evaluation Transformational Leadership Inventory Questionnaire Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire
I enjoyed completing both the transformational leadership inventory questionnaire and the authentic leadership self-assessment questionnaire because in the first one I learned what type of leader I tended to be when it comes to transformational vs. transactional and in the second one I was able to measure my own authentic leadership and the four components that went along with it. The transformational leadership inventory questionnaire told me based on my 1-5 responses to the questions that I have a transformational leadership score of 12, and a transactional leadership score of 17. According to the text since the transformational score is a in the range of 4-12 this indicates that I have a lower preference for this leadership style, whereas my transactional leadership score is in the range above 12 meaning that I have a higher preference for this leadership style. Viewing the results, I received, I definitely see see how this describes my leadership, but there were a few things that surprised me. My transformational leadership score was lower than I thought it would be because I thought I would be more concerned about motivating my followers to reach their full potential instead of looking to my own wants or needs. Instead my transactional leadership score was much higher, indicating that I am more willing to resort to more give and take methods in order to get the job done within my team. I think this is pretty eye opening for me because although I would like to say I am a very inclusive leader, I do think that I am pretty prone to taking over or being too domineering when I feel like a task or project is not being completed well or effectively. After taking this test, however, I realize that there are ways I can be more inclusive and trusting when it comes to delegating tasks within my team. The authentic leadership self-assessment questionnaire gave me a self-awareness score of 16, a internalized moral perspective score of 15, balanced processing score of 16, relational transparency score of 17. All are considered high scores, except for my internalized moral
perspective score which is considered low since it is 15. My internalized moral perspective score means that I have my own moral standards that guide me and I turn to instead of being shaken by my outside environment, but unfortunately that score is confident low, which means I am prone to being influenced by others. Turning to balanced processing, this means that I am able to analyze things objectively before making decisions, relational transparency means I am authentic in front of other people, and finally self awareness means that I know what impact I have on other people and who I am. Taking this test and based on the scores I received, I have realized that there are a lot of areas I can improve in knowing myself better, standing more firmly when it comes to what I believe, and finally living and leading with conviction despite others or my circumstances.
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