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Nov 6, 2023
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NORTHERN COLLEGE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM CO-OP MANUAL (Condensed version for Employers) INTRODUCTION Co-op provides a valuable opportunity for students to experience a workplace setting firsthand while providing a realistic and practical method of career education. A co-op allows students to practice the theoretical knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and to develop practical skills. Co-op helps orient students to their chosen field, and results in a well developed career plan before graduation. Fieldwork Co-op Fieldwork co-op candidates are neither employees nor volunteers. They are skilled trainees who are provided special opportunities to have on-the-job training and must fulfill both employer/work and college responsibilities. Candidates continue to be Northern College students for the duration of the co-op as this constitutes part of the educational experience. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Employer / Fieldwork Supervisor In providing a fieldwork co-op for the student, the employer is responsible for the following: 1. Designate a Fieldwork Supervisor and/or Mentor for the duration of the co- op. 2. Provide an orientation experience for the student in the initial stage of the co-op in order to familiarize the student with the employer and work environment. 3. Provide sufficient time for the selected supervisor/mentor to carry out co- op related duties, namely meetings with the student during the co-op to keep the student informed of his/her progress. 4. Provide a safe work environment. Demonstrate safe work habits. 5. Treat co-op students fairly and with respect. Respond fully to all questions. 6. Provide meaningful work that is related to the field for the duration of the co-op. Ensure that the student has a variety of learning opportunities. Set out clear expectations. Attest to successful achievement when completing the evaluation form.
NORTHERN COLLEGE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM CO-OP MANUAL (Condensed version for Employers) 7. Monitor work and sign attendance forms. 8. Complete all necessary Fieldwork Co-op Forms: Letter to Co-op Employers, Student Declaration of 9. If necessary, communicate with the Designated Faculty Member or Work Integrated Learning Officer (see contact information) to review student progress. 10. Inform the Designated Faculty Member or Work Integrated Learning Officer immediately of any difficulties encountered with the student such as breach of ethics, lack of ability or suitability for specific co-op, frequent absence, or injury, etc. 11. In the event of a workplace injury, the College must be contacted, and all necessary paperwork completed within 24 hours. The Student 1. The student will carry out their assigned duties within the workplace environment in a safe and appropriate manner. The student's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: 2. Practice safe work habits. 3. Be punctual. It is your responsibility to be at work on time every day as determined by the employer. Should you be late or absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to inform your employer (and the Designated Faculty Member or Work Integrated Learning Officer for Fieldwork Co-ops) at the start of the regular work day. Extended absenteeism of fieldwork co-op students will not be tolerated. 4. Maintain the same hours of work as that of the co-op host. Exceptions will not be made. Lunch hours and coffee breaks are set by the employer. Medical and dental appointments should not be scheduled during work co- op. If required, ensure adequate childcare arrangements are made to cover your children's needs (sick days, PD days, before and after school hours, and Spring Break) 5. Make travel arrangements to and from work every day. 6. Follow appropriate dress code and occupational requirements according to place of employment and health and safety regulations.
NORTHERN COLLEGE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAM CO-OP MANUAL (Condensed version for Employers) 7. To keep all information relating to clients and customers, trade secrets, or monetary issues confidential. 8. Privacy must be respected and observed. 9. To obtain and produce a security / background check as required by an employer. 10. To inform the Employment Supervisor/Mentor of any difficulties during your co-op. The student must also inform the Designated Faculty Member or Work Integrated Learning Officer if those difficulties cannot be resolved within the workplace setting. 11. To apply yourself to any assigned duties and tasks at an acceptable level befitting your level of your program. 12. To ask questions; demonstrate enthusiasm and good work habits. 13. To act responsibly as a representative of the college and co-op employer and abide by the College and employer policies. Remember that your employer is very generous in offering you this opportunity; please act accordingly. 14. To review your progress through meetings with your supervisor/mentor. This should be an opportunity to grow and learn from your mentor's experience and comments. Your employer's critiques are meant as constructive comments to further improve your skills. 15. Review Attendance and Punctuality and Evaluation reports with supervisor. EVALUATION Performance evaluation is an ongoing process which starts the day a student arrives at co-op and ends on the final day of co-op. The student's evaluation is a process involving the Employment Supervisor/Mentor, the Designated Faculty Member or the Work Integrated Learning Officer, and the student. It should reflect the Employment Supervisor/Mentor's assessment of the student's learning experiences. Areas where improvement is needed should be clearly indicated, and areas of strength should also be identified. Ongoing exchange between Designated Faculty Member or Work Integrated Learning Officer, Employment
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