Research Question Amazons acquisition of MGM, 2023

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BAM 530
Nov 5, 2023
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Apply your newly acquired theoretical knowledge and get you ready for the NCEA! This assignment requires you to analyze Amazon's acquisition of MGM in which events, behaviours, and/or actions help illustrate how an MNE changed its strategy or adopted a new strategy in response to a global disruption event, such as the COVID- 19 Pandemic, migration crises, terrorist incidents, climate change, sanctions or wars. Source of the article: a local or international newspaper or magazine (e.g., NZ Herald, Sunday Times, or New York Times; Time, Economist, or Business Week) Example: Learning Outcomes: LO1 Apply key analytical approaches to global management strategy. LO2 Critically evaluate conceptual explanations for international business strategy and apply this to the analysis of global management strategy. 1000 words MAX Final Assignment: Based on recent news, answer the research question and apply one of the theories regarding Alliances and Acquisitions in a Global Context such as the Uppsala model, OLI, RBV, etc to explain the phenomenon. You need to illustrate your understanding of the theory and provide practical recommendations. Research Question 1. How does Amazon's acquisition of MGM reflect the company's strategic adaptation in response to the evolving global entertainment landscape, and what implication does this strategic move have for the broader media and technology industry? How to do well: Be analytical. Never just describe something—always follow up with an analysis which gives the implications (answer the 'so what?' question, answer the 'how' and 'why' questions) Justify your decisions and the choices of theoretical frameworks. Clearly reference your data sources and show that your findings and recommendations are based on solid evidence. Need to provide at least 4 sources in APA 7th Format
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