Recreational to professional and now to club level. OSA have developed standards for offshore sailing in Indonesia and organized OSA Bali's 2013 OSA Bali Regatta that featured world-class racers and boaters participating in a clean, safe international competition. Brazilian Tubas Here, it's damn real lassie!). This is pure espionage, as you can find above. Uploaded by Captain John @bali_topdive, Indonesia's top organization of sports diving (SASD) and OSA Bali have teamed up with management to modernize the sport of sailing from. 1. What is the accounting term for the cost associated with producing a unit of a product or providing a service? a) Overhead b) Operating expenses c) Cost of goods sold (COGS) d) Gross profit 2. In business analysis, what is the name for a graphical representation of the steps or activities in a process, often used for process improvement? a) Gantt chart b) Flowchart c) Organizational chart d) Histogram 3. In physics, what is the phenomenon where an object exhibits a decrease in volume (shrinking) when subjected to an increase in temperature or pressure? a) Expansion b) Compression c) Contraction d) Dilation 4. What are some differences between cultures that global companies need to consider when expanding internationally?
a) Communication style, etiquette, norms, values, religious beliefs, legal environment b) Transportation, banking, advertising, factories, sourcing c) Design, accounting, finance, technology d) Supply chain, talent acquisition, networking 5. In ethics, what is the philosophical theory that actions are morally right if they maximize overall happiness or pleasure? a) Utilitarianism b) Virtue ethics c) Deontology d) Existentialism 6. What is the time complexity of finding an element in a balanced binary search tree (BST)? a) O(1) b) O(log N) c) O(N) d) O(N log N) 7. How can security testing techniques like fuzzing, penetration testing, and static analysis improve software quality? a) Discover vulnerabilities, strengthen inputs, and identify flaws - critical for secure code. b) Used primarily to test authorization and encryption - limited scope. c) Important but lower priority than functionality and reliability. d) Redundant due to frameworks guarding against threats. 8. Which blockchain platform is known for its programmable smart contracts and is often used for decentralized applications (DApps)? a) Bitcoin
b) Ethereum c) Ripple d) Litecoin 9. In Python, what is the purpose of the `super()` function in a class? a) To define a superclass b) To create a new instance of a class c) To call a method from the superclass d) To access private class members 10. What programming language was developed by Microsoft and is commonly used for developing Windows applications and games? a) Python b) C# c) Ruby d) Swift
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