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b) Brand awareness c) Brand loyalty d) Brand extension 5. Which Forex trading strategy involves simultaneously buying and selling the same currency pair to profit from small price differentials? a) Scalping b) Day trading c) Swing trading d) Position trading 6. What is the output of the following Python code? ```python my_list = [1, 2, 3] my_list.append(my_list) print(len(my_list)) ``` a) 3 b) 4 c) 6 d) This code will result in an error. 7. What is negative testing and what is its importance in software testing? a) Testing with invalid data to find bugs - critical for robustness and security. b) Testing with only minimal functionality - not very important. c) Testing with a pessimistic mindset - moderately important for code quality. d) Testing without Springs framework - not relevant to negative testing.
8. What is the term for the practice of using blockchain technology to create unique digital assets, representing ownership of a digital or physical item? a) Cryptocurrency b) NFT (Non-Fungible Token) c) ICO (Initial Coin Offering) d) DEX (Decentralized Exchange) 9. What is the term for the concept in entrepreneurship that refers to the ability of a startup to grow rapidly and sustainably with limited resources? a) Scalability b) Bootstrapping c) Market segmentation d) Lean startup 10. What is a smart pointer in C++ and how does it differ from normal pointers? a) Manages memory automatically through RAII - safer alternative to manual memory management. b) Uses AI to dynamically adapt to changing system conditions. c) Stores pointers to multiple locations to enable efficient caching. d) Implements capabilities like encryption and compression for pointer obfuscation.
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