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BSBWRT301 Write simple documents Trainer Guide First published 2021 RTO Works [email protected] 0452 157 557 © 2021 RTO Works This resource is copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process without written permission as expressed in the RTO Works License Agreement. The information contained in this resource is, to the best of the project team's and publisher's knowledge true and correct. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, but the project team and publisher do not accept responsibility for any loss, injury or damage arising from such information. While every effort has been made to achieve strict accuracy in this resource, the publisher would welcome notification of any errors and any suggestions for improvement. Readers are invited to write to us at [email protected] . Business Works is a series of training and assessment resources developed for qualifications within the Business Services Training Package. LEAD AND MANAGE ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE BSBLDR601
Contents Introduction 4 Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions 5 Assessment Task 1: Checklist 8 Assessment Task 2: Project 9 Assessment Task 2: Checklist 14 Final results record 17 Introduction The assessment tasks for BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change 1 are outlined in the assessment plan below. These tasks have been designed to help you demonstrate the skills and knowledge that you have learnt during your course. Please ensure that you read the instructions provided with these tasks carefully. You should also follow the advice provided in the Business Works Student User Guide . The Student User Guide provides important information for you relating to completing assessment successfully. Assessment for this unit BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change describes the skills and knowledge required to lead and manage organisational change. For you to be assessed as competent, you must successfully complete two assessment tasks: Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions - You must answer all questions correctly. 1 Organisational change - Organizational change refers to the actions in which a company or business alters a major component of its organization, such as its culture, the underlying technologies or infrastructure it uses to operate, or its internal processes.
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