Week 3 Reflection and Discussion OB

1 Week 3 Reflection and Discussion OB Jaee Shailesh Shah University of the Cumberland Organizational Behavior (BADM-532-A01) Dr. Johnny Chavez January 26, 2023
2 Week 3 Reflection and Discussion OB Reflection Motivation is one of the critical concepts that I found thrilling in the course text. I noted that the job characteristics model is an important aspect of motivation which incorporates task identity and skill assessment. The inclusion of the employees and stakeholders in the decision-making and communication prospects in the companies can ensure that motivational values are projected. I also noted that an individual's growth in the company desires a moderating factor which is the motivation aspect (Robbins & Judge, 2017). Motivation can increase skill and knowledge evaluation in the companies hence embracing the production of quality goods and services in the companies. Job rotation is another measure that I found thrilling in the course text. I noted that job satisfaction could be noted when periodic shifting is enhanced for task assessment and completion in the companies. Motivation is a concept that ensures increased intensity and persistence evaluation in the companies. Production of quality goods and services can only be noted with the objective analysis and engagement of the efforts from all the stakeholders. The direction taken by the companies can be assessed with an evaluation of the goals and objectives desired in motivation projection (Robbins & Judge, 2017). I also noted in the course text that objectives enhance performance through feedback generation from both the stakeholders and shareholders in companies. Goal commitment and task consistency are some of the crucial prospects obtained with the analysis of the goal-setting ventures. Motivation concepts have integrated cultural evaluation with the need for task prospects that can ensure employees' feedback towards the assessment of profitability. Discussion
3 The plan will increase motivation since monetary rewards have been structured to be efficient and effective. Some of the employees may not be interested in company culture or getting involved in decision-making and communication prospects in the companies. Money is one of the crucial aspects which has connected all the people in the companies (Scandura, 2017). With the monetary analysis and increment, evaluation of motivation can be noted in the companies. In this case, the employees will understand that with the bonuses they receive, evaluation of profitability is projected in the company. The profitability of the business hinges on the bonuses that the employees receive hence raising motivational aspects. Employees can be motivated through the bonuses hence the need to work hard for increased profits in the companies. Togetherness is one of the aspects that has been evaluated in the companies to ensure success in the companies. Customer satisfaction can be noted in businesses with the production of quality goods and services (Scandura, 2017). With increased customer satisfaction, profitability can be noted hence evaluating the motivation of employees in the companies. With the increase in profits, employees are most likely to get higher payments. Motivation can then be increased with the payment of increased wages in the companies.
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