Draft the CMP. Drafting the CMP can occur in ane of two ways. Project managers £an Qraft the initial version and hav - or they can assemble all the Ke_y_fi:akeholders In a2 room and provide content to it. Obv nusly-fl'c former approach takes less time but may invite extensive criticism of the draft, whereas the latter takes more time bu{/-watpi)cmmsm ) Obtain feedback. The CMP is #Tivingdocument, meaning that t willrequire upc lat) throughout the life cycle of a project. Stakeholders and the means of communication will ¢ constantly change. A good practice is to review the CMP with stakeholders periodically to obtain this feedback. Revise the CMP. Using the (.ecbe_} project managers can make the necessary updates to the content of the CMP. An important point here is to keep configuration contrel over the CMP to ensure that everyone references the same document. Obtain approval for the CMP. A CMP should go through €_ figorous approval pm'?to ensure the accuracy of the content. Key sta keholders should give approval for updates to the document. Publish the CMP. Upon receiving approval, project managers-can-publish-the-€MP. They can do so simply by posting the document on a server or Web site. The document al that location can serve as the autharitative CMP for the project. CMP Implementation Suggestions As mentioned earlier, developing & CMP plan is refagively easy Loplementing oo can present @ bl len e Suggestions Dpr implemenung an ellecuve l_.'.l'l_ n i e ——— —_— ¢ Establish an 1ssues governance pr "Dfl_'ng_'.uu wose of this process 15 1o dentily issues, give them visitility, and track their resolution. The key is 1o give visibility 10 the 1ssees, such as pesting them in a critien] Jssuesiackon iem log on a Web site, sending the log aut to all team members, and fallowing up on them during meetings. C_J._.L.AL;L '.L...J—LD Ihis suggeston is closely tied o the Last peint but involves more ol a way 1o overcome an impasse with a stakeholder, By creating a helpnegded list of 1tems thal you Can prescl BTTITIRS TOCT STTRTIRGTT IS STSTRLITIURE S Sl ) e @anagergenl, you it Jeist pul Pessuse a0 Qoncemp lans ssukeholders, Noncomphance can lake many forms, such as nonattendance al meetings, not providing status lor reports, or discupling sessions. This visibility can continue unhil the issue has been resolved
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