Week 5 Reflection and Discussion

1 Week 5 Reflection and Discussion Jaee Shailesh Shah University of the Cumberland Organizational Behavior (BADM-532-A01) Dr. Johnny Chavez February 9, 2023
2 Week 5 Reflection and Discussion In week 5, two chapters were covered: chapter 11 and chapter 12. Chapter 11 was all about Communication, and there is formal Communication. This Path follows the authority chain, and Messages relate to professional activities. Informal Communication is a Spontaneous channel of individual choice, and Messages are often personal or social. Downward Communication flows from one level to a lower level; managers explain why a decision was made but did not solicit advice or opinions of employees. We learned that upward Communication flows to a higher level; it Keeps managers aware of how employees feel about their jobs, coworkers, and the organization. Another concept covered was lateral Communication, which occurs between members of a work group, members at the same level in separate work groups, or any other horizontally equivalent workers. The use of oral Communication when gauging the receiver's receptivity is important. We learned that written Communication provides a tangible and verifiable record that can be stored indefinitely; the message is physically available for later reference. Messages are more likely to be well thought-out, logical, and clear, and Grammar mistakes can be problematic.in chapter 12, we learned about leadership, which is the ability to influence a group toward achieving a vision or a set of goals ( Robbins & Judge, 2012) . Trait theories of leadership: focus on personal qualities and characteristics. We learned that successful leadership depends on selecting the right leadership style, contingent on the followers' readiness to accomplish a task, and it's the leader's job to provide followers with information, support, or other resources necessary to achieve goals. We learned that the Leader-participation model: provides a set of rules to determine the form and amount of
3 participative decision-making in different situations, and Subordinates with ingroup status will likely have higher performance ratings, less turnover, and greater job satisfaction Question Many restaurant managers are constantly looking for inventive and different approaches to expand their restaurants. Many food and drink industries deal with eateries. Therefore the main progress is identifying the harmony between finding new clients and maintaining the existing clients. Having a new objective will facilitate the best arrangement; the first thing that we will do is hold a meeting with all branch supervisors to discuss the new strategies as I disclose the prepositions that I have. That is how to improve the restaurant. I will promise a reward to all supervisors who perform well. I will also continually correspond with the group to motivate them to attain their objectives. Additionally, I will consistently visit all the branches and examine their presentation.
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