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ANT 3000
Nov 4, 2023
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Research Musings ANT 3000 - Week 15 Professor Benjamin Harris Submission Date: 6 July 2018 Elizabeth White Violette
Research Musings - ANT Week 15 Introduction For Research Musings You've waited for decades for your prince to come, but to no avail. Mount Everest is known as the last sacred source of magic within the modern world. When he makes contact, you are immediately suspicious. You're told that your entire planet was under siege, so a wealthy alien family brought you to their world to save your life. It tugs at your leg, gesturing to the nearby woods. This is your chance to escape. Seeing the madness in her eyes and hearing desperation in her voice, you realize she is a heartbeat away from killing you. Strangely enough, however, another fleet exits the black hole from the other side as you are scanning for activity. Dictators and terrorists are now producing large quantities of these biological poisons. While the DNA is somewhat degraded, modern methods can accurately sequence degraded DNA, reconstruct it, and insert it into living cells—including oocytes that can be implanted into surrogate animal mothers. Emergency mode has shut down all the main systems, leaving you sealed in your cryochamber with 49 sleeping crewmembers. You are shocked to recognize her face. interference, even though you support their cause. Above your head, your phoenix flies, circling as if he knows what you have done. Although dragons have been hunted to the point of near extinction, you have been pleased to see the population levels slowly increasing over the last few years and hope that the trend continues. The last house on your route is an old, vine-covered cottage on a dead-end street. His face is stern and intimidating. Humans know less information about the bottom of the Earth's oceans than they do about the surface of the moon. Your dog walking business in New York City has been doing well for the past few years. It is almost as if the forest protects them as much as they protect the forest, somehow covering up tracks and camouflaging them from the outside world. However, the blood is a deep brown, like it has been dried for a very long time. However, all of it was worth it now that you have found the door. After years of rampant pollution, disease, and drought, the Earth's population is drastically reduced, as are its resources. You are now coming into a powerful arsenal of magic and are destined to be the ruler of a fairy kingdom that will fall apart if you continue residing in the human world. 1
Research Musings - ANT Week 15 Questions For Research Musings Instructions : You go back to the shop and find that the magic mirror has disappeared. The people are stiff and smile a bit too much. Unfortunately, workers have quickly become indentured servants, legally bound to years of service to repay the cost of bodily repairs. Question 1 : Would you want to live forever if you could? What is your reasoning? a. The strangers understand and soon add to the map with their own knowledge. b. One night, a rather tall man walks in. c. But as the centuries drag on and you enter the modern age, people begin to see you as a washed-up mascot, no better than the likes of those horrendous animatronic characters from the 1980s. Question 2 : The impact of nominalism on wavering faith. a. She smiles, slinking off into the crowd. b. Bodies are found on campus drained of blood. c. You are one of the last remaining survivors on the planet and are trying to find food to feed your young, but it is scarce. Question 3 : How should technology businesses cope with ethical issues? a. The king has invited every young lady to attend a ball being held at the castle tonight. b. But who do you trust more: the families you do not know or the kids? c. It was as if dogs saw something in you that was different than the rest and let you understand their innermost thoughts. 2
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