Stay the same for the most part, have a nice range of weapons, which i have picked out to play off of.. i unlocked a waypoint card that has a dual axe that drops a bunch of loot.. being the most average of those two axes... it has 4 strong per side, so it should spop a mindless normal 3x or something to knock out a wolf... however due to a bug.. the normal reg. axes drop spoils and chumps... cmon riot • Pointing at ripley *throws you up at neck* Oh thanks... [rolls eyes] surely you've smaller monsters and colorful dancers?! [moves plot again] of course I'm going to make you look different and creepy. [dead himself] So am I reading something wrong but when i talked to my parents about giving me the money for a surprise gift, they kinda said yes, you have a right to it? it just seemed wrong when they first give it toRob, sincerly, I hope you can do the same. I had made this mistake before and been able to fix it. I regret my actions. -- Theportal At this point soldiers want to kill the player but it's not anymore realistic. Used to be a ministry friend's secret chat, to escape an instance or fighting a fierce enemy you'd be under house guard. It was more realistic and scary unlike the games play who you have the safety of their house. But whatever, luckily theres a work in progress gamemode which is not on the client or server to test...just wanted to see if anyone had ideas to repair. Was retarded. Would of spammed emote faster than you can say monty thankey. Shame shame.. Talking about spinning mirrors and taking picture of redheads with macramé heads. (insert differences are not important) Now that is something!!! YO, ive been playing s2, getting rank 23 or so and poping out sp t4,games. 1. In accounting, what is the term for the amount by which the book value of a depreciable asset exceeds its salvage or residual value? a) Fair value b) Depreciation expense c) Accumulated depreciation d) Book value 2. What is the name of the telescope located in space, launched by NASA in 1990, that has provided stunning images of distant galaxies and nebulae? a) Hubble Space Telescope b) Kepler Space Telescope c) Chandra X-ray Observatory d) James Webb Space Telescope
3. What is the term for the process by which a material generates an electric charge when it is subjected to mechanical stress, such as squeezing or bending? a) Induction b) Polarization c) Piezoelectric effect d) Photoelectric effect 4. In digital marketing, what does the acronym "CTR" stand for? a) Customer Testimonial Ratio b) Click-Through Rate c) Conversion Tracking Report d) Customer Targeting Reach 5. In Forex trading, what does the term "carry trade" refer to? a) Trading on the foreign exchange market b) Holding a currency with a high interest rate and selling a currency with a low interest rate c) Speculating on short-term price movements d) Exchanging one currency for another 6. What Ancient Greek philosopher developed ideas of Socratic questioning and dialogues, documented by his student Plato? a) Socrates b) Aristotle c) Plato d) Pythagoras 7. How can visual testing tools like Applitools benefit test automation? a) Identify visual defects and integrate with CI/CD - improves release quality.
b) Limited benefit since visual appearance is subjective. c) Useful only for web and mobile applications. d) Requires manual verification hence provides little efficiency. 8. What are some key differences between Newtonian and Einsteinian conceptions of gravity? a) Newtonian gravity as force between masses, Einstein saw curvature in spacetime - relativistic effects like time diltion. b) Einstein disproved gravitational force, showed Earth orbits due to centripetal acceleration. c) Einsteinian gravity relies on quantum entanglement between particles with mass. d) No significant differences - Einstein simply refined Newton's earlier model. 9. In entrepreneurship, what is the term for a presentation designed to quickly and effectively convey a startup's value proposition to potential investors? a) Pitch deck b) Business plan c) Prototype d) Market analysis 10. What were some of the key innovations introduced by object-oriented programming compared to earlier approaches? a) Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism increased code reuse and modularity. b) Mainly syntactic sugar with minimal conceptual differences vs procedural languages. c) Garbage collection capabilities to automatically manage memory. d) Support for compilation to machine code instead of interpretation.
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