Sophia Milestone 3 practice quiz this is the quiz before the test

3/8/22, 12 27 PM : Sophia :: Welcome Page 1 of 15 UNIT 3 — PRACTICE MILESTONE 3 Download Practice Milestone PDF Score 8/25 8/25 that's 32% 8 questions were answered correctly . 17 questions were answered incorrectly . 1 Which of the following methods can be used to get a project back on track when it falls behind schedule? Decrease budget Increase scope Increase resources Decrease resources RATIONALE CONCEPT Monitoring Time 2 Which of the following best illustrates an individual accountability?
3/8/22, 12 27 PM : Sophia :: Welcome Page 2 of 15 Share information freely with people working on the project. Cooperate with people working on the project to solve problems. Complete a specific task within the estimated time frame. Assist others involved in the project in identifying, assessing, and tracking risks. RATIONALE CONCEPT Individual and Team Accountability 3 Which of the communication media below should be used when a discussion is needed for a topic that involves several project stakeholders? Meeting Email Presentation One-to-one discussion RATIONALE CONCEPT
3/8/22, 12 27 PM : Sophia :: Welcome Page 3 of 15 Communication Mediums 4 Which of the following best describes change management? Defining, planning, and implementing adjustments to a project Regularly communicating changes in project status to stakeholders Continuous assessment of overall project progress as compared to the project plan Tracking, monitoring, and protecting a project's critical path RATIONALE CONCEPT Change Management 5 Which of the following would NOT be performed when implementing a change to a project? Make updates using the Status Report process. Assign additional work across the project team. Email team members a description of the change. Realign resources for the project. RATIONALE
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