1. Some Wal-Marts have McDonalds restaurants located inside. Wal-Ma

1. Some Wal-Marts have McDonald's restaurants located inside. Wal-Mart and McDonald's are Group of answer choices suppliers. strategic partners. competitors. regulators. 2.In the United States, marketing tobacco to children is illegal. However, vending machines and product displays near schools, next to candy and sweet drinks, and at the eye-level of young children are used in other countries around the world. In many countries, such marketing methods are not illegal. If a tobacco company markets as aggressively as they are legally allowed, they are taking a(n) ____ stance. Group of answer choices accomodative defensive obstructionist proactive 3.Prior to 2017, women in Saudi Arabia were arrested for driving. Their actions were Group of answer choices legal and ethical illegal and unethical legal but unethical illegal but ethical
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