WambuguFactors Influencing Business Performance Of Micro And Small Enterprises (MSEs) The Case Of J

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Nov 3, 2023
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The respondents indicated that the training they had received was of importance to most of them with 55.7 % saying it was of 'Very Much Help" and another 22.5 % saying it helped 'Fairly Much' and another 14.8 % saying it was of little help. Only 7.0 % of the respondents said the training was of 'No Help'. Table 4.11 Ways Entrepreneurs had implemented the learned skills. Skills Implemented Tally Percentage Improved Management 50 20.2 Diversification 47 19.0 Modem Farming Practices 40 16.1 Improved Customer Relations 23 9.3 Others 38 15.3 No Responses 50 20.2 Total 248 100.0 When asked in an open ended question, the response rate dropped from 98% to 80 % where about 20% of the questionnaires were returned without response in the open ended question. However, the 80%**who responded were able to specify certain skills they had t implemented after the trainings they had received with 20.2% saying they were now using modem farming practices, 37% saying they had improved in their management skills, 23.5 % having diversified their businesses and 19.3 % gave other diverse ways which they had implemented the learned skills. This is illustrated in table 4.11 above which suggested that besides that many benefited from, the training and were sure of how they had applied the skills learnt, 20.2 % did not respond to the open ended question signifying that they might not be sure how they had benefited. 34
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