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Nov 1, 2023
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DISCUSSION POST 2 Cultural changes have greatly taken place since the rising of the middle ages to the present day, with their impacts being felt in various capacities across different cultures of the world. Since the start of the Renaissance in Rome, urbanization emerged and spread across various nations[ CITATION Ses18 \l 1033 ]. There was the rebuilding of the cities and the construction of powerful city-states that later emerged as the center of Italian economic, political, and social life. Urbanization has since become part of the critical aspects of development in various countries. Many nations today are employing different artistic and architectural skills to erect a beautiful and powerful building that serves as great attraction sites portraying the country's image. For instance, many nations today have established cities that harbor the main centers where the governments control the whole nation as well as running their operations. Furthermore, the cultural changes resulted in the creation of s secular world with people desiring to embrace new forms of lifestyle. With increasing wealth as people and countries engage in wealth-generating activities, people want to enjoy the benefits associated with material things. Additionally, the organization of the church in terms of management, as depicted by the Roman culture, has significantly impacted the culture of many people. Nowadays, churches have adopted the management structure resembling the Roman Catholic that is headed by the Pope, who makes many decisions for the church. These changes have positive impacts on the people of this century. Adopting a management system in church organizations has established good management behavior in churches, with individuals following and respecting orders from their leaders. This has shaped shape the behavior of people and their values to practice acceptable norms.
DISCUSSION POST 3 Reference Sesana, E., Gagnon, A. S., Bertolin, C., & Hughes, J. (2018, August). Adapting Cultural Heritage to Climate Change Risks: Perspectives of Cultural Heritage Experts in Europe. Geosciences; Basel, 8 (8). Retrieved from https://www.proquest.com/scholarly- journals/adapting-cultural-heritage-climate-change-risks/docview/2167836951/se-2? accountid=151051
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