What is teamwork

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Nov 2, 2023
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What is teamwork? Teamwork happens when people work together toward a common goal. That goal could be professional or personal. You can work as a team to move a couch up a flight of stairs, launch a work project, or play soccer. Defining teamwork is simple, but understanding how to work well as a team can be complicated. Becoming an effective high-performing team takes practice. And guidance. What teamwork means to you might be different for your teammates. What teamwork looks like also depends a lot on the nature of your work and what types of challenges you face. Not every type of work needs or benefits from teamwork. One key to a successful team: When individuals realize that working together on a project is more effective than working alone. Teams are effective when they aren't just dividing up tasks and working independently to get them done faster. Great teamwork is about working together and collaborating to come up with better approaches. You know that you have the right teamwork for the job when your team delivers better outcomes than any one person could on their own. Achieving a goal is often easier when tasks are done cooperatively rather than relying on each individual's singular efforts. An entire team operates best when each team member works collaboratively but still brings their own perspective and experiences and uses their own set of skills. Let's say a team goal is developing a great new poster that advertises the company's product. One group of people could be responsible for the graphics, while others could write the slogan. A third person might determine where to display the poster. The goal is shared, but the tasks are individual.
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