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Good morning, classmates and Dr. Cigainero, First, the example of a leader that I'd like to mention empowers others would be my previous Flight Chief. When she and I first met, we meshed well and could see the great things our section was accomplishing along with the flaws or shortcomings that could be improved. With the great amount of experience that I had from previous duty stations, she trusted my judgement and most of my decisions. I mention her as my example of a leader that empowers because of that very reason. I was able to display to her that I am a competent and humble leader and follower. In final, the members that she and I worked with, if they didn't have experience or lacked confidence with knowing their job and making sound decisions, she would step in and assist that member when necessary. In addition, some traits that stood out in terms of leadership and empowerment vary from problem solving, honesty, self-awareness, accountability and high emotional intelligence. This short list is just a brief overview of how her leadership was. One thing that she always mentioned to all the lower ranking members is that we could all learn from her was that there will always be room for growth and improvement as well as knowing that you can learn something from the youngest person in the room. Finally, she taught us towards the end of her military career that at some point we must hang the uniform up and when we do so, we should ask ourselves "did we do all that we could for the people that we lead?" Lastly, I do not feel that you must be in a leadership position or role to be a leader. Prior to entering the military, I was a leader in the civilian job that I held as an entry-level employee at a carwash. Due to this, it caused me to advance a lot faster than my peers despite not being in positions for long periods of time. One example that I'll use is when I was left in charge for a couple of hours while the shift leader left to go to a different facility to get some materials that we needed. During the time that they were gone, we did get super busy with cars coming through that had manual transmissions. We usually have a member pull cars out of the wash once they are finished and parked them. Due to me having this specific experience, I made the executive decision to move the original person pulling cars to where I was as a dryer, and I became the puller to ensure constant flow that would minimize traffic building up. Resources: Krow, E. (2017, June 14). The key to employee-empowering leadershipLinks to an external site.. Forbes. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2017/06/14/the- key-to-employee-empowering-leadership/
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