Cause and Effect Essay - Studying in the US

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2 Cause and Effect Essay - The Reason and influence of Studying in America The United States of America remains home to some of the best learning institutions in the universe. Numerous institutions all over the country offer competent academic skills and wide-ranging programs such as engineering, medicine, education, and business (Dwyer, 2004). Some of the world's bright minds and accomplished individuals in the professional field, mainly the corporate world, have passed through United States universities. Academic credentials from the United States are an excellent way to establish oneself while also launching a career. The country's education system has proper programs in place in terms of research facilities, financial assistance, and quality education that sets them apart from other countries (Farrugia & Sanger, 2017). Studying in the USA awards one with academic credentials that have an outstanding international reputation, offers a chance to network with students from diverse cultures, and the country makes an effort to recruit and retain international students. Every student's dream is to study in one of the top-ranked institutions around the globe, considering that the US has an outstanding international reputation. The global rankings of their colleges and Universities have influenced my wish to further my education in the United States. For instance, their colleges and universities have dominated global rankings for producing Nobel Prize winners since 1901. 1,259 Nobel Prize winners have conducted or studied in the United States (Mohajeri & Gillespie, 2009). The outstanding international reputation of these institutions of higher learning attracts lucrative employment opportunities during recruitment interviews. The ultimate goal of college and university education is to develop the competent skills required for every job market. The United States is trying to retain and recruit international students into its job market. According to Kisantas (2004), the US leads among countries that
3 embrace workplace diversity in their organizations which observe a universal appeal in attracting different talents and skills. Fitting the United States job market requires adept skills for its high academic standards and the training that they provide. Corporate organizations in the United States, such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, offer the chance to work with graduates from diverse countries studying in the US (Mohajeri & Gillespie, 2009). The recruitment of international Students feeds diverse networking talents in the corporate world. Networking with diverse minds is vital in academics to learn different concepts from different viewpoints, and studying in the US grants that chance. The United States enjoys a rich history, heritage, and a multicultural setting that nurtures intercultural networking. Studying in the US provides a cultural experience and global viewpoint through interactions. For example, one tests the ability to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings, which pulls out the comfort in the comfort zone. The adaptability prompts networking with persons from different cultures and traits across the globe (Dwyer, 2004). Networking is critical in identifying ways to relate to and embrace other people's cultures to thrive in such an environment. The reputation of the US learning institutions, its effort to recruit and retain international students, and a chance to network are essential reasons one would fancy studying in the US. Learning is becoming a competitive practice that is a tool for solving different puzzles in my professional and personal life. Identifying a competitive institution to study is a step towards acquiring relevant skills to thrive in the outside world. The United States needs to offer more chances to international students aspiring to develop academically and professionally in all fields. The abundance of opportunities and high quality of education attracts students from all over the globe.
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