Week 10 case discussion 701

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TCM 701
Nov 15, 2023
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1. I would tell the director to look at how busy we are if I were Garth. It's possible that Jackson's popularity at work comes from the fact that he spends most of his time chatting with scientists and researchers at the water cooler instead of working. The order is for him. I would try to convince the director that Jackson is not an expert in the field just because he helped train the integrated system. I'd tell the director how my work helps the project succeed as a whole. The extra work I've done on nights and weekends should help our case. Even though I can't see how my work turned out, that doesn't mean it wasn't important. 2. Garth makes a big mistake at work by not getting to know his employees as people. He had been thinking for a while that one of the people working on the project would soon be fired. So, if he was serious about the matter, he should have kept good relationships with his employees to get people to trust them enough. Maybe he didn't have any experience managing projects before, so he didn't think about some important things when he started working on the project. Second, Garth should have looked into Open Range more before choosing it. He may have thought that by contracting with Open Range, he could save the company money, but the company had to pay for the downtime. The third of his many mistakes was choosing a bad site to set up his server. Open Range chose to put the new servers in the Ukraine and North East India without thinking about the security risks of those places. He could have saved himself time and money by going with a more established company like Microsoft instead of making the same mistakes he did with Open Range. 3. Garth is a hard worker who is willing to go the extra mile for the company. This is the first thing we've learned about him. But he isn't helpful, so his work on the project doesn't get the credit it deserves. So, if he really wants to be a good If he wants to be a leader in his field, he needs to learn how to work well with other people. Another thing to learn from the case is that IT professionals need to be very careful when suggesting solutions to their employers. That's because if staff members aren't careful, some IT fixes could cause them to lose their jobs. All employees benefit from getting to know their co-workers, especially at the management level. The last thing to remember is that a person's skill is more important than how much they know.
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