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SPAN 101
Jun 3, 2023
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SPAN 101-03: ELEMENTARY SPANISH I (SPRING 2023) Instructor: Carolina Arrunátegui-Matos Class Times: Monday & Thursday 10:00-11:15 p.m. Room: West Bldg W707C Office Hours: By appointment only. E-mail: [email protected] Last class meets: 05/15/2023 Final exam date: 05/18/2023 (11:30 - 1:30 pm) DESCRIPTION. Spanish 101 is for beginners with no previous experience in the language. Students will learn the fundamentals of Spanish language in its cultural and communicative contexts. One hours of language lab practice is prescribed; this lab work is usually done via the internet through the textbook publisher's website, or at the Chanin Language Center when the Center is open; when the Center is not open lab work is done remotely via the VHL platform. During the course students will produce a number of integrated assessment tasks that require unscripted speaking and writing. LEARNING GOALS . By the end of this course students should: (1) to express themselves in Spanish--orally and in writing-- in simple phrases and sentences concerning personal data and daily activities, schedules (2) to understand short, formulaic and/or contextualized simple questions, statements, and phrases referring to personal information and their familiar environments, in both written and auditory form (3) to demonstrate control of vocabulary covering a range of concrete topics (4) to reveal conceptual awareness and partial control of basic and high frequency grammatical elements, such as the present tense, articles, and adjectives (5) to show basic knowledge and awareness of common cultural features and contrasts. SYLLABUS and COURSE CONTENT Jan. 25 - 29 Portales: Lección 1 Jan. 30 - Feb.5 (Tuesday, February 8th: Classes follow the Friday schedule ) Portales: Lección 1 Feb. 6 - 13 Portales : Lección 1 & Lección 2 (Sunday, February 12th & Monday, February 13th: Holiday. No classes scheduled.) Feb. 14 - 20 Portales: Lección 2 ( February 20st: Holiday. No classes scheduled.) EXAM # 1 Feb. 21 - Feb.26 Portales: Lección 2 Feb. 27 - Mar.5 Portales: Lección 2 Mar. 6 - 12 Portales: Lección 3 Mar. 13 - 19 Portales: Lección 3 EXAM # 2 Mar. 20 - Mar. 26 Portales: Lección 3 Mar. 27 - Apr. 2 Portales: Lección 4 Apr. 3 - 16 ( April 5 - April 13: Spring Recess: No classes.) Portales: Lección 4 EXAM # 3 Apr. 24 - Apr. 30 Portales: Lección 5 May. 1 - 7 Portales: Lección 5 May. 8 - May. 11 Lección 5 & Review May 12. Reading Day 1
May. 17-23. Final examinations Grading policies Homework assignments: 15% Class participation and attendance: 15% Lab assignments (Portales online): 10% 3 major exams: 20% Final exam: 25% Project (oral presentation): 15% The grading system and test scale for undergraduate courses is established by Hunter College. The following is the official list of letter grades and their numerical equivalents. Grade Range Value A+ 97.5 - 100 4.0 A 92.5 - 97.4 4.0 A- 90.0 - 92.4 3.7 B+ 87.5 - 89.9 3.3 B 82.5 - 87.4 3.0 B- 80.0 - 82.4 2.7 C+ 77.5 - 79.9 2.3 C 70.0 - 77.4 2.0 D 60.0 - 69.9 1.0 F 0 - 59.9 0.0 Homework and in-class performance In this course, major emphasis is placed on performance, not on passive knowledge or detached awareness of the language. You are required to participate. Not only does your grade depend on it, but this is the best way to learn! I expect you to practice daily. I will collect homework the day for which it was assigned. Therefore, homework should be completed by the deadline. I will only accept late work with prior approval. It is important that you stay on top of the homework. Languages are learned gradually. Thus, cramming is not a good strategy. Language lab (Portales online/VHL) Language lab practice is necessary in all basic Romance Languages courses: this Department's policy requires three (3) hours of laboratory work per lesson in first year courses. This is a total of 15 hours per semester. Exams There will be three exams required by the department throughout the semester, plus a final exam . The final exam date and time are determined by Hunter College and cannot be changed. All exam dates will be announced. Participation Participation is indispensable to develop and improve your linguistic performance. A rule policy for basic courses in the Romance Languages Department is the following: only three (3) class hours —not three class sessions — may be missed without significant impact on participation and performance. More than three missed hours will affect negatively your participation grade. Punctuality is also an important component of the overall participation grade. If you are more than 10 minutes late to class, you will not get the participation points for the day. This class is an open space in which we want to share our thoughts and reflect together. You are invited to think and express your opinions and questions related to the topics discussed. Sexist, racist or discriminatory comments or gestures will not be tolerated in class. REQUIRED BOOK (available at Akademos Virtual Bookstore at ): Blanco. Portales 2.0 (Vista Higher Learning), 2022. ISBN 978-1-54336-828-4 (24 months access) Recommended Books: Spinelli. English Grammar for Students of Spanish . Kendris. 501 Spanish Verbs . For more information on books --ISBN numbers, prices, books on reserve-- please press BOOKS in the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of the Welcome page. About me I am from Lima, Perú. I am currently completing a doctoral degree in Sociolinguistics at the Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures Department at The Graduate Center (CUNY). I got my master's degree in Linguistics at the 2
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), and my master's degree in Cultural Studies at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). 3
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