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TIE 3141
Sep 5, 2023
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University of Venda DEGREE/DIPLOMA EXAMINATIONS EXAMINATION : 2020 MAY/JUNE SCHOOL : HUMAN AND SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT : MER MATHIVHA CENTRE FOR AFRICAN LANGUAGES, ARTS AND CULTURE SECTION : LANGUAGE PRACTICE DEGREE : BA IN LANGUAGE PRACTICE MODULE : ADVANCED LIAISON INTERPRETING SKILLS MODULE CODE : TIE 3541 MARKS : 100 TIME : 3HOURS EXAMINER: MR TSHOVHEWAHO Ol SECOND EXAMINER: DR MJ BALOYI EXTERNAL EXAMINER: PROF. SJ KUBAY! INSTRUCTIONS (a) This Question Paper consists of 2 pages (including the cover page), ensure that your paper is complete. (b) Answer all the questions in the language you are being assessed. (c) Answer ALL the questions in the prescribed ANSWER BOOK. (d) Read the questions carefully before you write the answers. (e) Write neatly and legibly; and present your work clearly. (f) You may start with any question of your choice. Number the answers correctly and clearly, that is, as the questions are numbered in the Question Paper. ()Fill the spaces in the prescribed Answer Book entirely.
QUESTION 1 With the aid of examples discuss the differences between Consecutive Interpreting (Cl) and Simultaneous Interpreting (S1). [25] QUESTION 2 Simultaneous Interpreting is a complex task which needs interpreters to strategise to interpret successfully. Discuss the strategies you will use when using this mode. [25] QUESTION 3 Simultaneous Interpreting cannot function successfully without a good working memory. Discuss the validity of this statement by focussing on working memory models by Baddeley, Ericson & Kintsh, and Cowan. [25] QUESTION 4 Gile (2009:229) mentions that "One important fact about the Language Constituents' availability is that it is not static, but rises and drops at different rates, depending on circumstances". Focusing on the dynamics of the Gravitational model and its assumptions, critically evaluate this statement. [25] TOTAL: 100
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