LSI 5.3

EXERCISE 5.3 CHECKING CASE CITATIONS ON YOUR OWN Name: Arman Gueyikian Professor: Proff. Schwinn Due Date: 10/12/2023 Section: 5.1 Problem Set: O - Pennsylvania I. Locating the Case This case is relevant to our research because the plaintiff in this case is also a minor who establishes a prima facie case for negligence of a property owner. The case sets out the elements for establishing a prima facie case under the attractive nuisance doctrine in Pennsylvania. The legal question for this exercise discusses what is necessary for a plaintiff to establish a prima facie case under the attractive nuisance doctrine. II. Selecting a Citator I am using Lexis for this exercise. I have found the interface of Lexis much more navigable than Westlaw. III. Using the Citator and Interpreting the Entry A. Yes, this case is still good law in Pennsylvania. When I looked under the citing decisions portions on Lexis for this case, there is no other cases that give it negative treatment. B. Three additional cases that could be used to help articulate the rule are: 1. Warnick v. Home Depot, U.S.A Inc., 2. Beil v. Telesis Construction Inc., and 3. Ott v. Unclaimed Freight Co. 1
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