Chapter 2 Legal Reasoning Exercise

Chapter 2 Legal Reasoning Exercise Your response should be direct and concise - a well written paragraph is sufficient (do not 'dump' information as it shows a lack of insight and knowledge). There is no explicit word- length limit, but if you find yourself going beyond 150 words you may want to rethink your response! Your submission will be evaluated for each of the following criteria: 1) identification of relevant issues; 2) analysis and evaluation; 3) alternative action plans; and 4) evaluation of consequences. Respond to the following: Marc is a successful sales representative for ABC Corp. selling appliances to distributors and retailers in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. ABC Corp has spent money to provide Marc with specialized training and gave him access to their proprietary client list. To protect their client relationships and investments in Marc's training, ABC Corp. required Marc to sign a non- compete clause that restricts him from "any position in the general field of sales for 5 years in the United States." Looking at the statutes and common law relevant to your jurisdiction, would this non-compete contract be enforceable? How might you re-write the terms to ensure high likelihood of enforcement?
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