Adeep Sraw Nov. 21 Law Studies 12 Canadian Law In the past 24 hours, I have lived a peaceful life thanks to the law. I live with both my parents who are married, which is a social law. I think that marriage is an essential law because it legalizes two people who love each other to become husband and wife. This law has a positive impact on the world because it makes the two people a couple in the eyes of everyone, not just themselves. An example of an economic law that regulates my life is a mortgage. With interest rates rising all the time I believe that mortgage is a neutral law because even though it allows people to buy houses with money they do not have yet, eventually, mortgages make you pay more money than necessary. A political law that I see day to day can be my right to an education. I go to school regularly and the right to my education is a positive law since school teaches us what we need to know.
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