Gun Control

Gun Control Sara Whetstone September 24, 2023
A lot of people are trying to have gun control be a law. For me I am against gun control and I will explain why some are against and for it and explain why they believe what they believe. First, for gun control everyone who wants gun control believes that it will stop people for killing each other and all the shootings that are happening around them. Whether it is in public places like stores, malls, concerts or live events, school shootings or even churches. They believe that if they take everyone's rights away to have guns this will stop happening and only the police will be the ones to have them and everyone will be safe. However, no matter what happens this will never happen and is so far from the truth. I believe that everyone has the right to bear arms and it is our constitutional right. We have a right to defend ourselves and others who are not able to or feel like they can. For me I am against the gun control and here is why. I believe that if we could have guns or more people actually carried guns with them like when I was a child, we would no have all the shootings that we hear about all the time. I remember kids at high school use to have gun racks in the back window of their truck with guns on it but back them we never had school shootings. I think teachers and others should be able to carry guns and if they did, I think some of these shootings that happen would not be as bad as they are if more people defended themselves and actually killed the person who was trying to kill them. Not that violence is the answer but lets face it sometimes the police take a long time to get there and then they have to figure out a plan. People also use guns to hunt animals so that they can eat and survive so if guns were to be taken away from us this would have to stop and how would we survive? Not everyone can
afford a lot of food these days with the prices as they keep rising. It is not the people who use guns wisely and follow the rules who are killing innocent people it is criminals that are doing this and no matter if you take our guns away, they will still find a way to get guns to complete whatever task they are trying to do. In conclusion, I have explained why some people think gun control is a good idea and have explained why I am against it. The more we push for gun control the more people are going to get hurt because when someone pushes for something and the law-abiding citizens obey, the criminals don't and we all get hurt. We have seen it again and again over time. Just let us have our guns and protect ourselves and be able to survive like they did in the 1800's.
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