Parents Rights & Minor

Hi this is Danielle and I am going to be talk to you about Parent's Right and Minors. What is a minor? A substituted consent given by the parent or legal guardian will apply until the minor reaches the age of majority or becomes emancipated in the eyes of the law. Let's clarify that even more - What is the age of majority? According to the 2022 Minnesota Statutes, Majority means with respect to an individual the period of time after the individual reach the age of 18 years old. What is emancipation? Emancipation is the legal ability of a minor to act as an adult when he or she has moved away from home and receives no support from his or her parents. An example of emancipation would provide legal authority for the minor to give consent include marriage, childbirth or entry into the armed forces. Where certain medical conditions are present, state law may provide for the minor's consent even if majority or emancipation requirements are not met. Examples of these special medical conditions include pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and substance abuse. Now, what rights do parents have over their minor child's records? Parents and guardians have access to their minor children's health records, unless the minor legally consents to services as authorized in the Consent of Minors for Health Services statutes. . In that case, parents or guardians do not have access to the minor's health records without the minor's authorization. However, a health professional may inform a minor's parent or guardian of treatment if, in the professional's judgement, failure to inform the parent or guardian would seriously jeopardize the minor's health.
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