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Oct 27, 2023
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Diorama of Crime and Punishment Scene (20%) Due: Thu, Sep 28, Courselink DropBox, 11:59 PM 126. WILLIAM SMITH was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 17th of March last, ten live tame cock pigeons, value 20 s. eight live tame hen pigeons, value 10 s. the goods of Ann Debonnair . A second Count, for stealing on the same day, ten live cock pigeons, value 20 s. eight live tame pigeons, value 10 s. her property, the said pigeons being then and there kept and confined in a certain pigeon-house belonging to her. (The Case opened by Mr. Garrow.) ANN DEBONNAIR sworn. I live at Bromley . I saw the pigeons in question the night before they were missing; I locked them up myself; I feed them every day almost; they were of a particular sort; I missed them early next morning, between five and six, I lost eighteen; I have recovered seven, which I am perfectly sure are mine, and two I would not swear to. On Wednesday, the 21st of March, I recovered them at Mr. Wooller's; I am certain they were my property; I recovered two others the 7th of April, at Mr. Lowe's, Spitalfields, one of which I am certain of; I brought them home in the cages lent me, and turned them into the pigeon-house; they all resorted to their nests, particularly two of them that left their young behind; I have not the least doubt in the world. I know nothing of the prisoner; I saw him once before; he offered to sell me a dog within a fortnight from the time I lost my pigeons. ABRAHAM WOOLLER sworn. I keep a bird-shop facing Gray's-inn-lane, and buy and sell pigeons and fowls. I bought seven pigeons of the prisoner, in the morning, about eight; I had just come from market; it was Monday, the 19th of March; they are the same I delivered to the lady, which I bought of the prisoner; I am sure he is the man; I never saw him before; he gave me no account of them; I bought them as his property. THOMAS LOWE sworn. I live in Brown's-lane, Spitalfields. I bought three pigeons; I think it was the 4th of April; I am not certain whether I bought them of the prisoner; I kept them till I delivered them to the lady. RICHARD COWLEY sworn. I am coachman to Miss Debonnair. I saw the pigeons on the day before they were lost, about a quarter before five in the morning; some tiles were taken off the pigeon-house; I have seen them since; they are her property. EDWARD EDWARDS sworn. I am the footman; I know these pigeons: (produced and deposed to): they were turned into the pigeon- house, and they took to their old places; I have not the least doubt of them. Miss Debonnair. They are my pigeons; they are tame; I valued the six at a guinea and a half, and a crown for the other; some of them are worth a guinea apiece. PRISONER's DEFENCE. I worked for Mr. Raike, cooper at Stratford, for twelve months. About nine or ten weeks past, I came to town, and stopped in Whitechapel Road, and there came in a person who I knew by sight; we had a pint of porter; he wanted to dispose of some pigeons which he had, and asked me to buy them; I said I could help him to a customer; I told him he might sell them in Holborn; he said he had a dispute with the man, and he thought, if he went with them himself, the man would not buy them; and if I would go and bargain with the man, he would pay me; so I went; the man bid me eleven shillings, which I took, and came away, and gave the man the money; we went to drink. On Thursday evening, he waited for me at the Swan in Brown's-lane, and told me he had seven more; and I sold three for five shillings and three-pence; so, my Lords and gentlemen of the Jury, you will consider in your own breasts, whether you think any person can with safety swear to the pigeon which is brought, which always shifts its feathers twice a year. The prisoner called one witness to his character. GUILTY . Tried by the first Middlesex Jury, before Mr. Justice ASHURST.
In this case, William Smith was charged with stealing a total of eighteen live tame cock pigeons and eight live tame hen pigeons, the property of Ann Debonnair. Debonnair testified that she had locked up the pigeons herself but discovered them missing the following morning. She managed to recover seven of the pigeons, which she identified as hers, from various locations. Abraham Wooller, a bird-shop owner, stated that he bought seven pigeons from the defendant, who did not provide any information about their origin. Thomas Lowe, another witness, bought three pigeons and later handed them over to Debonnair. Richard Cowley, the coachman, and Edward Edwards, the footman, confirmed the pigeons' identity, stating that they recognized them and saw them returning to their usual spots after being released in the pigeon-house. In his defense, Smith claimed that he had merely acted as an intermediary, helping someone else sell the pigeons. He argued that identifying specific pigeons, which molt their feathers twice a year, was unreliable. Despite his defense, the jury found Smith guilty of the theft. He was convicted based on the evidence provided by witnesses and the circumstances surrounding the sale of the stolen pigeons. The crime: Animal theft Animal theft: a common law offense taken very seriously back in the day animals such as horses, cows, chickens, birds or any live creature was considered a form of currency and could be bought or traded for other items. If found guilty of theft the most serious punishment can be death. In this case it was just a public whipping https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/static/Crimes.jsp#animaltheft Bromley: this is the location where the crime took place. It is unclear where exactly where the ft occurred but the victim Ann Dedonnair is from Bromley Pigeon- house: the diorama shows the pigeons being stolen from their house it was unclear when this happened but assumed it was at night where the robber would be less likely to be caught. Pigeons: the animal that was stolen were pigeons. The pigeons stolen were clearly identified by the owner Ann Debonnair and her staff just purely based off of their features and personalities. Guinea: Pint of porter: White chapel road:
Shillings: Pence: The punishment: whipping Whip: ). Therefore, my diorama displays the scene of the punishment right outside of the Newgate prison - Press in attendance- These private whippings also often took place immediately outside Newgate
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