Module 2

Sebastin Billings 1-18-2023 Module 2 assignment Today, I will be talking about the civil rights act. The civil rights act of 1866 declares African Americans to be citizens, entitled to a series of rights previously reserved only to white men. Section 1981 applies to state and local governments and private employers of any size. It also applies to some entities that are not employers in a legal sense, but have a contractual relationship with people that perform work for them. Section 1981 prohibits discrimination of race in the enforcement of employment law. Section 1981 also prohibits discrimination of ethnicity in employment. Section 1981 confers to several rights including the right to sue or be sued in court, to give evidence in a lawsuit, and to purchase property. Section 1981 is very important. page 354 Disparate treatment is a way to prove illegal employment discrimination. For example, when my mom was working for Wipro, she only had to know technology, and she was not good at technology. Disparate impact is a type of unlawful discrimination that occurs when a seemingly neutral policy that disproportionately affects members of a protected class. For example, at Macon outreach, hiring more men than women as shelf stockers. Disparate impact is not spectacular. Bona fide occupational qualification is an exception to title VII's general prohibition of discrimination. An example of BFOQ is airline pilots and bus drivers who are assigned a mandatory retirement age. Another example is models who need to show authenticity in a role. Another example is church employees who must be a member of the denomination to fulfill job duties. BFOQ is very important. An example of harassment is when someone says "you can't stock shelves because you are blind." The different types of harassment are discrimination, cyber bullying, verbal abuse, physical harassment, psychological abuse, and power harassment. Yes, an employer can discriminate against an employee based on gender, religion, and national origin. An employer cannot discriminate based on race or color. Page 375
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