3-1 Journal What do you think?

3-1 Journal What Do You Think? Prioritizing the four purposes of punishment isn't as easy as it may seem. Personal I'd say Deterrence first, second incapacitation, third rehabilitation, fourth retribution. The reason I've prioritized these in this order is because I think Deterrence is a positive but also powerful. "Since people will typically avoid unpleasant things, they are much less likely to commit a crime if they know that punishment will result if they are caught." (Peak, 2023) For example if people see the punishment of someone that robbed a store with a weapon, they are less likely to commit that crime in other words it discourages people to behave in that way. I made incapacitated second on my list because this occurs after someone has been caught doing a crime. "Beneficial in that it prevents criminals from victimizing others by placing them in situation where they are physically unable to commit crimes." (Peak, 2023) This protects others outside of jail from being hurt by this individual but also for the criminal sitting in jail for a period will give that inmate time to think about what they've done, and they may realize they don't like it. Which could lead to them not committing a crime again. Third on my list is rehabilitation, this falls right in line with being incapacitated. "The modern criminal justice system has had as a primary goal indeed a responsibility to change persons who commit offenses, so they become law-abiding citizens." (Peak, 2023) Meaning the system wants to try and help criminals through programs that involve counseling and educational programs. People end up doing things because they don't know any better or they are naive and fall into the wrong crowd and end up doing bad things. This is where rehabilitation comes into effect, through the programs provided they are taught what they've done wasn't right. Drugs and alcohol are a big problem across the world and when people are constantly participating in that act, they end up doing things without knowing they even did them, so rehab is a great program for them to learn and reboot their thought process. Retribution is fourth on my list because revenge is never a good idea, more than likely getting revenge when you're done wrong, you're the one that ends up getting in trouble. Then you're in the same shoes as the person that did you wrong. Capital Punishment fits the purpose of deterrence perfectly, it would be prioritized directly with deterrence on my list. The death penalty is a powerful thing that discourages someone from committing a serious crime. Majority of people wouldn't want to die by an injection or a chair that is extremely painful. That thought running through a criminal's mind of being sentenced to death and knowing a specific time and date you will die is a big deterrent. I believe capital punishment isn't feared as much as it used to be because this method is less likely to be used. According to John Gramlich who is an associate director at Pew Research Center, "the death penalty is authorized by 27 states and federal government and prohibited in 23 states, 13 of these states haven't carried out an execution in a decade or more." (Gramlich, 2021) If capital punishment was carried out more it would be more fearful and serve as a deterrent to those committing that serious of a crime. My purposes align perfectly with my opinion on capital punishment. I think this is because it's a perfect deterrent and a powerful incapacitation along with rehab, in your mind you know you are getting the death penalty so mentally it's a rehab. Sadly, it's too late to reform the offender though.
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