9239 awlT @) 7. What if | miss my court date? 1. How do | request a court date? There are four ways to ask for a court date in person, by mail, by e-mail, or by phone. In person: On or before your due date, go to the Santa Clara Courthouse, and sign a Promise to Appear. The Clerk will tell you when to come back for arraignment. You are not required to deposit any money in order to set an arraignment (hearing). By mail: You can ask for an arraignment or a trial date by sending a letter to Santa Clara Courthouse. Your letter must say if you are asking for arraignment or trial. You must also pay the full bail amount. Look at your courtesy notice to know how much your bail is. The Court will hold your money in trust to make sure you come to court. By e-mail: On or before your due date, go to Reserve a Court Date - Traffic Hearings to request an arraignment date by e-mail. A clerk will e-mail you confirmation of your hearing date and time. By phone: On or before your due date, contact the Clerk's Office at 408-556-3000 =. 2. How should | dress when | go to court? You must wear a shirt and shoes. The Court does not recommend wearing tank tops or shorts. There are other courtroom rules, too: * No food, drink, or gum * No weapons e Turn off pagers and cell phones 3. Why does my ticket require a mandatory appearance? If your ticket requires a mandatory appearance, you must go to court to set the court date. You must come to court if: » the validation criteria requires it » the Court orders it » you have four or more prior traffic convictions * you were cited for speeding at a dangerous speed 4.Canl go to any cBUM T ———_
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