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the federal legislation that regulates the collection and use of personal information in the private sector is known as the personal information protection and electronic documents act Which of the following statements with regard to the tort of negligence is false? if the court finds contributory negligence, the defendant has no liability at all. Celebrating the end of the fall term, Mr. C had already drunk six beers before he arrived with his friends at the Spoke Tavern, run by the student council. After he had two more beers, he was refused more and told he would be asked to leave if he did have more. He returned to the table and continued to drink. He was ordered to leave. While being escorted out, he resisted but was ejected. He snuck back in, "spoiling for a fight," and was removed once more. He returned, and when pushed through the doorway, he stumbled. His hand went through a small window, and he had to undergo surgery to repair a tendon in his wrist. Mr. C sued the tavern, the bouncer, and the student council (as operators of the tavern) under the Occupiers' Liability Act. Read each of the following separately and indicate which is false. if the court holds that Mr. C was contributorily negligent, Mr. C could get no compensation from the defendants.
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