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Which of the following actions would result in a successful tort action by the person or persons wronged? Assume that all the persons involved learn these facts. when Jed accidentally dropped a board and broke Al's glasses, Al threw a cup at Jed, but Jed saw it coming and moved away in time to avoid being hit. Which of the following is an intentional tort? defemation to have the schools valued for insurance purposes, a school district hired a firm of surveyors to give them a statement of value. To prepare the report, the surveyors took the relevant measurements, which were then given to a statistical tabulating company that does the calculations based on the measurements. Surveyors always use the services of such tabulating companies. An error was made in the calculations, so the surveyor's report was wrong. Therefore, the buildings were under insured. When one of the school buildings was destroyed by fire, the school district did not get sufficient funds from the insurance company to rebuild the school. On these facts, which of the following is true? (Assume that the school district has the ability to sue and be sued in court.) -the school district can successfully sue the statistical tabulating company for negligent misstatement causing economic loss.
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