1 The Presidency Kaitlyn Marsh POS2014 10/23/2022 1.) Summary The article, Trump Impeached for Abuse of Power and Obstructive of Congress by Nicholas Fandos and Michael D. Shear. Throughout this article, we get insight into just how past president Donald Trump was impeachment. It goes about how Trump was facing charges of high crimes and misdemeanors. These actions of accusing Trump of " corruptly using the levers of government to solicit election assistance from Ukraine in the form of investigations to discredit his Democratic political rivals." This led to too many angry tweets and news coming out about Trump which ultimately dampened his reputation hings were coming to light such as a phone call in which was, he was pressuring Ukraine to do an investigation of Biden and other Democrats. While meanwhile, withholding money from military assistance and white ite house meetings. Overall, many other things were brought to light on what Trump was withholding and not sharing with the people, cabinet, and many other people that were meant to be holding this information. 2.) Application When observing this article, we get many concepts revolving around impeachment. Trump was in fact fac ing impeachment for a couple of different reasons. The definition of impeachment is the " act of charging a government official with serious wrongdoing; the Constitution calls this wrongdoing high crimes and misdemeanors" (Krutz, 2019, pg. 481). Now having this information, we can compare it to Trump trail. As he faced " violation of the separation of powers and a de facto assertion by Mr. Trump that he was above the law. Which violates the constitution by being above the law and not having the correct behavior of what a president should have.
[SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS] 2 Now we also get the insight of executive privileges which he did in fact due when he decided to withhold major information from the other cabinet and party members about "withholding nearly $400 million in vital military assistance for the country and a White House meeting." Not allowing this has also been used against him in his impeachment to be evidence of abusing the power of the presidency. Trump impeachment was very much a rare event this is because " removal has never occurred" (Krutz, 2019, pg.450). But at the same time, he was not just being prosecuted on not just "abusing presidential powers and obstructing Congress" (Krutz, 2019, pg.450). But he was also charged later in January of 2020 for "inciting insurrection" (Krutz, 2019, pg.450) this being a rare case of two counts of impeachment without him ever leaving office. With this his executive privilege is deemed as " presidency's powerful tools" (Krutz, 2019, pg.481). Turning to the start of the process of selecting a candidate, see Trump was sort of a special case since he was "who never before held political office, raced ahead of party favorites like Jeb Bush early in the primary process" (Krutz, 2019, pg.455). Even without the experience in political office he was able to skyrocket high enough to gain high popularity to initially win over the election. 3.) Analysis Overall, the article does in fact inform us readers about the impeachment of Trump and overall, some shade stuff that happened while he was in office. When I read the article, it did give me an insight on how much stuff was going on that I had no clue about it. Between the not one but two forms of charges that were presented against Trump all the way to he had involved Ukraine with an investigation on Democratics. With my input on this type of rare situation they took as much precaution and as well conducted it in a well manner.
[SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS] 3 Citation: and the textbook
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