Gas Laws Worksheet-1

Week 12 Lecture Pack Videos 1, 2, and 3 Indicate what gas law would explain the following observations: 1. A plastic milk jug is sealed and put into the freezer. The next day, it looks like it was crushed. Gay-Lussac's law. Assuming volume is constant, if the temperature of the air contained in the jug decreases, its pressure also decreases, so the atmospheric pressure eventually becomes higher outside the jug which crushes the jug by external force exerted by the atmospheric pressure. 2. As a plane rises in elevation, or you drive up a mountain, your ears "pop" as the air inside them expands. Boyle's law. as pressure decreases, the volume of gas increases. This includes the air in our middle ear, which expands uncomfortably as the pressure in the cabin drops. The popping we experience is the pressure equalizing between our ear and the cabin. 3. You heat up food sealed in a plastic bag in the microwave and the bag puffs up. Charles's law. Volume is directly proportional to the temperature. So as heat is given which means temperature, as a result volume increases. Video 6 4. What sorts of experts were consulted in the Australian video? Scientist professors. Video 7 5. What company produced the fracking video? National Geographic.
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