LS202 2023 Notes - Week 2 (1)

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LS 202
Sep 27, 2023
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Week 3: Poverty and Public Order offences: - Disorderly conduct - A way that certain groups that can be controlled and "Contained" - Fighting, swearing, singing, being too drunk, loitering - "Breaking the peace" - Beginning of capitalism - 14th to 19th century - Criminal Law is typically done at the federal level - At the provincial level, we have things like driving, guns, alcohol - The municipal level takes place with housing etc - Summary offences - Typically less serious - Tried very easily - Typically tried with no jury - Tried with a maximum of 2 years in prison and/or $5000 - Ex. Disorderly Conducts, trespassing, causing a disturbance, theft under 5k. - Indictable offences - More severe punishments - 2-25 years in prison - Ex. Murder, Weapons Trafficking - Done with a jury - Hybrid offences - Can be tried either as a summary or indictable offence - Discretion of the crown - Ex. Abandoning a child, threats
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