Module 1 LAW

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Sep 27, 2023
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Module Tensions in Law Fundamentaltension in Law predictability the two things law is trying to achieve Flexabilil law is a collection of ruler and exceptions to Law BlackLetter Rules Ber rule you can look up in a book sources of Black letter ruler statues regulations i treaties ordinances Executiveorders case law 1 Interpreting authoritative text 2 common Law treaty noauthoritative text executive order ordinance Intra'Elaw regulation statute NOT All countriesHave constitution common Law two types of common law NDI V1 DUAL JUSTICE common onlycountrieswithm civil common law are England general rule EFormercoloniesu d mechanical rule our system of uustice justice or injustice Police prosecuters wodges jury d d tensions no charges
ne nature of language m precise Taw words thintertheed broad I I narrow steps of statutory interpretation Literal n any ambigutioes that need to be interpreted o public purpose n what is the purpose behind the statutory Ifa InterfkTetiffen litigated before n stare decisis let thedecision stand n Does the precedent help hurt the case Maxims n rules of literary interpretation specifics followed by a general term Broad Language unintentional intentional allows for change over Didn'trealizeit was time ambigous common law construct an argument I verisdiction Effy 2 CAN Narrow language too specific Loophole close loophole decision of the court creates Flex Ability Need for change BLR text can Quickly become outdated non anger in technology
Natural Law n Law is more just power than a function of mortality Antigone arguer that one shouldfollow mortal law oven in conflict of Kings decree
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