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CRIM 1650
Sep 28, 2023
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- Reality = crime is not random, but patterned - Criminal behavior is NOT meaningless often meaningful, emerges from social context Investment in 'law and order' policies that bear little relation to the reality of crime and neglect accumulated knowledge about both the causes of crime and effective crime control strategies - Rely heavily on incarceration, punishment - Lessinvestmentsin social problems, treatment, and rehabilitation - Tough on crime policies rooted in deterrence and bio/psych theories Irrationality of crime control policies - Unintended consequences - Significant barriers in re-integration - Lack of education, stigma of CRM record, inability to find affordable housing The problem of persistence - Crime as a product of predisposed deficiencies - Social anxieties linked to gender, age, race, and class, sexual orientation - |mage of crime portrayed in certain manner - Crime control is a way to respond to and manage these anxieties - Interests served by a distorted image of crime and conservative crime control strategies A different future? New directions for criminal justice reform? (starting to go in the RIGHT direction) US = movement away from mandatory minimum sentencing especially for drugrelated offences - First step act (signed by trump) Reductions in A mandatory minimums, rehabilitation focus v N Trudeau government = Bill C-22 reducing mandatory minimums introduced by Harper government - Decrease reliance on police for drug offences - Justice rei axashatn—
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